Epson 3D Mapping Lights the Runway at Silicon Valley Fashion Week

Earlier this year, Silicon Valley staked its claim in the fashion industry with its first technology-focused fashion event. The Silicon Valley Fashion Week, as you should expect, was no traditional runway show. Due to the anticipation and location-hype, this show had to meet “The Valley’s” extraordinary expectations. And it did by using drones, flying pants, and bike aerial acrobatics of course. And to help set the stage – literally – were Epson’s projectors with 3D mapping technology, which engaged attendees in the introduction of new wearable and tech-oriented fashion for the startup crowd.

Dramatic and interactive projection set the mood for the forward-looking technology-based fashion show. Leveraging stacked Epson® PowerLite® Pro Z large venue projectors, SF-based creative agency All of it Now lit the stage, runway, sculptures, and walls with 3D-mapped images for bright and whimsical light displays. By stacking and programming Epson projectors, the Silicon Valley Fashion Week team was able to create multiple projections that changed shapes, colors, patterns, and danced along to the music.

Danny Firpo, managing partner at All of it Now, told me, “The best part about the Epson projectors is that they cut straight through the stage lighting that the camera crews need without overexposing the cameras.”

Danny and his team utilized SDI inputs on the stacked projectors so IMAG could be integrated into the mapping. All of the geometric correction was done right on the projector, which made for simple mapping and only one output from the mapping computer, instead of two. By using one output, Danny and his team were able to reduce the amount of time spent creating the mapping effect and amount of video processing required.

While you probably won’t see me in some of the outfits that graced the stage at the first Silicon Valley Fashion Week, I was excited to see how our Pro Z projectors with 3D mapping helped to set the tone and bring originality, excitement, and sophistication to the show.