Epson DSE – Immersive Lounge

We collaborated with Epson to design a unique projection display for their tradeshow booth at the 2018 Digital Signage Expo (DSE). The concept was to create an immersive space for convention attendees to take in the award-winning power of Epson’s projection technology. Our design comprised of an ultrawide exterior canvas adjoined to 9 ascending plexiglass panels flown and curved around the audience lounge area.

We designed animated content spanning across both the lounge display and ultrawide exterior canvas for a cohesive and immersive booth design. Epson wanted the displays to mesmerize passerby, so we played off the theme of undulation to create abstract and colorful motifs. By using a combination of Cinema 4D and Octane GPU rendering, we were able to produce captivating 8K resolution content for this massive canvas.