4K Film Screening at Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, SF

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 9/15/2016 – Perched on the cliffs of San Francisco for over a century, the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge and its deep blue waters. Staying true to its original design as an international exhibition space, the venue recently hosted the global premiere of “Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins”. Hailed as the first feature-length kiteboarding movie in the world, it is an exploration into the past, present, and future of an emerging sport. This compelling narrative shares international experiences and thrilling maneuvers with the viewers by utilizing the latest in film and cinema technology.

Eyeforce, a film production house from the Netherlands, has been traveling around the world to remote and breathtaking locations for the last 3 years. Key locations include Fiji, Hawaii, Necker Island, Brazil, Cape Town, Netherlands, Indonesia, and San Francisco. A vast majority of the footage was shot using cutting edge cinema technology, recording nearly 100 TB (terabytes) on the EPIC 6K RED Dragon and Phantom Flex4K. Eyeforce also deployed a specialized helicopter equipped with the Cineflex Ultra to produce stunning shots with ease and speed. After months of editing and review, the feature-length end product was presented at 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound to truly immerse the audience.

To deliver the full experience in its integrity, local companies specializing in high tech production & installation were brought in to guarantee a flawless experience. All of it Now, a San Francisco based digital media company, utilized the latest Insight 4K Laser projector from Digital Projection to deliver all 8 million pixels to a 40 ft diagonal screen. This new laser unit is capable of 12 bit color space, and a native resolution of 4096 x 2160 (DCI 4K). In addition, the groundbreaking laser technology ensures lamp longevity, while accurately presenting any 4K media source.

Spider Ranch Productions, a local sound company, integrated their Audiotechnik Vue line array with the theatre’s existing sound infrastructure to deliver a full 5.1 surround experience. A pair of Lab Gruppen LM26 Lake processors enabled the seamless integration of audio and video through Dante, a new audio software technology that has rapidly become the gold standard in AV production. This system uses network communication methods for high bandwidth, low latency transmission of multiple audio channels over a single CAT6 network cable. The audio latency was in the millisecond range, which allowed for perfect AV synchronization and playback of the film as the producers intended.

This contrast between cutting edge film and a classically iconic venue is a striking parallel to the tension in San Francisco between rapid technological innovation and deep rooted traditions. A historic venue dating back over a century in one of the most diverse cities in the world – the Palace has survived destruction and decay, and was revived into what is currently a landmark of San Francisco city. It serves as an example of the temporary becoming permanent, transcending and transforming. Even today, the Palace serves as an ideal host to a film premiere illustrating rich, international culture as viewed through the sport of kiteboarding.